Undergraduate Graduation Requirements

What is UCORE

What is the Purpose of UCORE?

Washington State University's general education curriculum, called the University Common Requirements (UCORE).

  • The UCORE applies to all students who enter WSU fall 2013 and after.
  • All students who started WSU before Fall 2012 (and transfer students before summer 2013) must refer to the previous set of requirements (General Education Requirements –GERs).  LINK to GERs
  • Honors students complete the Honors College version of the general education curriculum outlined in the Honors section of this catalog.

The University Common Requirements (UCORE) is the center of the undergraduate curriculum. While the majority of students’ courses and credits are completed within the major, the UCORE curriculum provides courses that are the foundation of the Seven Learning Goals (i.e, basic skills that all WSU students must develop no matter their major, and that every major draws on).  The UCORE curriculum is designed to be flexible enough to work for all majors. The program offers a wide variety of course choices and provides many individual pathways through the curriculum.

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